Responsive Design


Responsive web design is a term that is used for modern websites. You might be wondering what it is all about and whether you need this technology on your website.

Responsive website design is a specific approach to developing a website. It is an approach that is aimed to offer visitors with the best viewing experience. It provides easy navigation with minimal scrolling and resizing with various devices. Essentially, your website automatically adjusts to match the screen size of the viewer. A website that is responsive will change the size of its content whenever your browser window size is changed or if you are viewing your website on a device such as a tablet or a mobile phone. This approach is also known as fluid web design. Responsive design has carried a lot of weight in web design and how we develop sites today. We have to keep in mind that contents will move depending on the screen size as elements will change.

You might be asking yourself, do you require a responsive website?

To answer this question, you need to look at your current website today if you have one. You need to consider your target audience, your customers as well as the industry you are in. You need to find out who is visiting your website or who the target group will be. You need to think about the device this group will be using to access your pages. With simple analytics you can discover rather quickly how your visitors are accessing your website. If it is mainly desktop computers then its likely that you will not need a responsive web site. However, if your visitors are from a wide variety of devices then it is important for you to have a website that is responsive.


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