1. Calls for a website:
Tell me about your business and what features you are looking for for your website.


2. Explain how you design sites
– I design websites with the idea of having them work as a marketing piece. The idea is to highlight your services in the order we want your visitors to see them.

– Go to platinumdesign.ca and explain clear navigation, highlighting important areas to show what you want them to see.


3. There are some important features I would recommend that you should have on your website such as Responsive Design, CMS, SEO


4. Pricing starts at $1500 however I would like to meet with you so we can put a package together that meets your needs and your budget.


Would it be possible to schedule a time to meet with you and discuss the objectives for the website? It would give me the opportunity to introduce myself as well as learn about your business and requirements for your website. With this information I will be able to create a proposal that will benefit your website and online presence.


Please let me know if you would like me to call the office and schedule a meeting to discuss.

    Comments From Phone Call


    Your Name


    Your Email


    Your Phone Number


    Your location


    Do You have a current website?


    Type of service you are interested in

    Web Design & Development

    Graphic Design & Print

    Multimedia Presentations

    Video Production

    Animation / Flash

    Search Engine Marketing

    Internet Marketing

    Other Service:


    What is the name of your company?


    What type of industry are you in?


    How many years have you been in business?


    When would you like your website launched


    Please describe the key features for your website


    In order to understand the amount of services and features that should be implemented on your website. What is your Budget range